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Some good news in these challenging  times- together with the international friends of the University of Haifa ,  we have managed to purchase  20 state-of-the-art portable Ultra Sound devices to provide rapid response  diagnostic  capabilities for  front-line MASH units. We are also proud to announce the procurement of 250 bullet-proof ceramic vests to protect our troops. The Ultra Sound devices will be disbursed  by the non-profit “Brothers-in-Arms “ throughout the  Southern Command of the IDF.  The  vests will be distributed  by  the non -profit Achinoam Organization in accordance with IDF instructions.

We trust that our network of friends will rise to the occasion and enable us to continue our  fundraising efforts to procure further shipments of life saving ordinance.

We send our best wishes to our soldiers, hundreds of whom are part of the UofH community; our  hopes for a speedy recovery to our wounded; our profound condolences to the families who have lost their loved ones. We all pray for the safe return of the hostages.

We will continue to assist our soldiers in our quest to establish a safe haven, in our homeland, for generations to come.

University of Haifa created Human Chain calling for the release of all 239 Hostages in Gaza on November 13, 2023: „We cannot stop thinking about the 239 Israeli hostages in Gaza – women, men, children, babies and the elderly – and we extend our most profound hopes for their safe return home! We are not whole until they are returned!“

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