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Nachricht vom Präsidenten der Universität Haifa – Bitte um Hilfe und Solidarität

Liebe Mitglieder, liebe Freunde und Förderer, liebe Solidargemeinschaft,

bitte erlauben Sie uns, in diesen schweren Zeiten, den Appell und die Bitte um finanzielle Hilfe des Universitätspräsidenten Prof. Ron Robin, die uns – den Deutschen Fördererkreis – heute erreichte, auch an Sie ALLE weiterzuleiten.

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Herzliche Grüße,

Dr. h.c. Sonja Lahnstein und Magdalena Backhaus

Dear Sonja,

It is exceedingly difficult to put into words our continued feelings of grief, anger, shock, and fear in the aftermath of the worst massacre against the Israeli people in 50 years and in fact, what many are quantifying as the deadliest day in Jewish history since the Holocaust.

University of Haifa has responded by thinking not only about its campus community, but also beyond its campus, city and region. The University, which has long taken pride in strengthening Israel’s North, has opened its doors to residents from the South and offered them use of its dormitories.

Hundreds of faculty members, staff and students have now been called to reserve duty. While the University is open, most people are operating remotely. Classes have been postponed to begin on October 23, but time will tell as to whether they will indeed be able to start the year on that date.

Please find below a full update from University President Prof. Ron Robin on the institution’s approach to this time of war and devastation in Israel.

Thank you for your thoughts, prayers, and actions.

Am Yisrael Chai.

Dear Friends,

I am writing to you today to ask you to support University of Haifa’s efforts to aid our students, faculty and staff as well as assist displaced families who seek housing in our dormitories during these troubled times.

As you are all aware, on October 7, the terrorist organization Hamas launched an onslaught of death and destruction on our country. The images and recollections of survivors are harrowing, and we are now engaged in an epic struggle of “never again.”

Hundreds of our students and many of our faculty and staff have been called to serve in emergency reserve duty. Many families who had to escape from the South are seeking shelter in our dormitories.

Our soldier-students are now on the frontlines, working tirelessly to protect us. They are putting their lives on the line every day to keep us safe. Many of these students left their jobs that helped pay for their tuition fees, living expenses and income for their families. I know that many of you are already supporting our soldiers, and I am grateful for your generosity. But they need more help.

Your donation will help provide student-soldiers, who are serving and defending our country, with the financial assistance they need at this critical time.

  1. Living Stipends – Direct and immediate financial aid in the amount of $2,000 for each student soldier, including anything (s)he might need, from clothing to food to protective gear.
  1. Psychological Support Package – From the reports we receive from the field, many soldiers witnessed the horrors of the Hamas massacre of civilians and will need immediate access to mental health resources at the University’s Interdisciplinary Clinical Center during and after the fighting, either in person or virtually. A support package of counseling costs $1,000 for 10 hours per student soldier.
  1. University Dormitories – The University of Haifa has opened its doors and dormitories on its Mount Carmel and City campuses to families evacuated from the war zones.  Adjustments to the dormitories were required for the adopted families and we will have to return the dorms to their previous configuration once the students return for classes. Funding for university dormitories to house displaced families costs $1,000 per family/room for up to three months.

Dear friends: you are all supporting worthy and important causes, and we know that all of you are overextended. And yet, if you are able, please make a donation to the University of Haifa President’s Emergency Fund to support our efforts here in Haifa.

Thank you for your generosity and support.


Ron Robin, President

(e-Mail 12.10.´23)


Liebe Freunde,

es gibt Tage, an denen man verzweifeln möchte. Die Bilder des Schreckens erdrücken. Die feige, ungebremste Mordlust der Hamas-Terroristen übersteigt das Erträgliche. Die pure Brutalität und die schlimmste, unvorstellbare Gewalt gegen unschuldige Menschen sind mit nichts zu entschuldigen. Auch nicht mit Verfehlungen israelischer Regierungspolitik.

Täuschen wir uns nicht: Es geht wieder einmal um Israels Existenz. Ob Hamas in Gaza, Hisbollah im Libanon oder Islamischer Jihad in Jenin – sie alle wollen Israel auslöschen. Für immer. Alle in Israel – ob jüdisch, muslimisch oder christlich. Diesen Hintergrund müssen wir sehen, um die Reaktion unserer israelischen Freunde zu verstehen. Sie haben alles Recht, sich mit allen geeigneten Mitteln zu wehren. Und unsere uneingeschränkte Solidarität sollte ihnen jetzt für dieses Wehren gehören – nicht nur in den nächsten 3 Tagen.

Ob an der Universität Haifa, im Israel Museum in Jerusalem – an den Institutionen der Zivilgesellschaft, die für unsere gemeinsamen Werte stehen, für Demokratie und Menschlichkeit – oder sonst wo – überall sind unsere Freundinnen und Freunde betroffen, nichts mehr ist normal. Viele haben Opfer zu beklagen, in unserer eigenen Familie und Freundeskreisen auch, andere sind als Reservisten eingerückt. Sie alle helfen sich gegenseitig auf großartige Weise.

Ihnen rufen wir zu: Wir stehen zu Euch! Israel wird leben!

Und wir wollen unsere Arbeit unbeirrt fortsetzen, sobald und soweit es die Umstände wieder erlauben. Vernunft, Menschlichkeit, Freiheit und Demokratie müssen siegen. Diese Hoffnung dürfen wir niemals aufgeben!

Eure Sonja und Manfred Lahnstein – auch im Namen des Vorstandes des Deutschen Fördererkreises der Universität Haifa e. V.

Mitteilung des Präsidenten der Universität Haifa:

Dear members of the Board of Governors and our friends all over the world,

It is with a heavy heart that I write to you following a day of heavy fighting in the South and rockets launched at civilian populations in the South and Central Israel. As you are undoubtedly aware, our nation finds itself in a state of war.

A large number of our staff, faculty and students have been called up for active reserve duty as we brace for what promises to be a long and difficult confrontation. We are doing our best to stay in contact with them and offer our support.

We seek to maintain routine operations, as much as possible. However, as a precautionary measure, we have suspended exams and all large assemblies. As for the next coming days, we have instructed most of our staff to work from home. Given the bombing this morning on Israel’s northern border, we have opened our bomb shelters on both the Mount Carmel and City Campus. 

We are aware of the impact of events on those whose reside in the line of fire. As such, the University has opened its doors to residents from the South and offered them use of our dormitories.

We will continue monitoring the situation and have yet to decide whether we should commence the school year next week or defer the opening date. All university presidents are coordinating activities, and we will try, as much as possible, to align our plans and responses.

Dear friends, this surprise attack and its aftershocks are unprecedented both in their scope and tragic loss of human life. We have yet to comprehend its impact on our society. I want to reiterate our unwavering commitment to delivering a safe campus for our entire University of Haifa family and greatly appreciate your concern and support during this most trying time. As more details become available, please know that you will hear from me on a regular basis.

Thank you and keep the faith.

Ron Robin, President

(e-Mail 9.10.´23)